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Aftermarket Soft Starters

Our first-of-their-kind, single phase Soft Starters are engineered for easy, plug-and-play installation with AC motor driven devices. Including but not limited to many types of dust vacs, blowers, miter saws, chop saws, table saws, circular saws, routers, planers, grinders, and more. They have been robustly designed and built to last. 

Key Benefits:

The world's first plug and play soft starter for power tools.
Plug and play Soft starter for power tools inrush current graph

Inrush current

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I have purchased two of the GS11 soft starters, and I need to give gratitude where it belongs. Very good items that prevent the harshness of a full line start. About two seconds and equipment is up to speed.  Great product and a very reasonable price. I have been an electronic and electrical technician for over 40 years, and am very pleased with your product.

Carl W.

Again, based on my experience with your product (I love it!) and your company, I am recommending it to all of my woodworking friends.  

Steve H.

We have installed your soft starters in our High School wood shop for added safety and it has transformed our lives.  Not only do they help with our students' confidence using power tools but the noise reduction is noticeable as well. Highly recommend! 


Finally, this product exists on the market I bought a GS10 for my miter and I am in love! No more bang just smooth starts. 

Ron W.