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GS12b AutoVac (240V, 30amp input - (2)120V, 15amp outputs)
GS12b AutoVac (240V, 30amp input - (2)120V, 15amp outputs)
GS12b AutoVac (240V, 30amp input - (2)120V, 15amp outputs)
GS12b AutoVac (240V, 30amp input - (2)120V, 15amp outputs)

GS12b AutoVac (240V, 30amp input - (2)120V, 15amp outputs)

Raymond Innovations, LLC

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  • Automatically start your shop vac or dust collector whenever the connected tool is powered on.
  • Vac output turns on simultaneously with Soft Start output.
  • Vac output stays powered on for 10 seconds after tool is turned off.
  • Toggle switch to manually turn on Vac outlet if needed.
  • All solid-state electronics (except toggle switch).
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum enclosure.
  • Injection molded, reinforced plastic end caps.
  • Each outlet protected by circuit breaker.

Soft Start function (outlet 1 only):

  • Software controlled ramp sequence.
  • Reduce electrical and mechanical stress.
  • Increase safety and comfort levels.
  • Add the high end soft start feature.
  • Take the "bang" out of your tools.
  • Up to 98% reduction of damaging inrush current.
  • Proudly built in the U.S.A..

[Patent Pending]



Input: 240 Volts AC, 30 amps, 4 wire

Output: 120 Volts AC, 15Amps (each outlet)

Ambient operating temperature: 0° - 110°F

Duty: Heavy 



  • Not recommended for induction motor with high inertia load. 
  • Requires pure sine wave supply power.
  • Do not use with machine that already has soft-start feature.
  1. The theoretical ramp time of this soft starter is approximately 2 seconds.
  2. The GS12b is not recommended for use with some induction motors, however, induction motors with low inertia load such as a saw may be suitable.
  3. Capacitor start induction motors must be at full speed within 3 seconds of being switched on.
  4. If your induction motor takes longer than 3 seconds to reach full speed, discontinue use of Soft Starter immediately. 



    1. Indoor use only.
    2. Plug the GS12b into your power receptacle.
    3. Plug your equipment in to the corresponding front outlet of the Soft Starter.



    Ramp time is the duration of time required for the Soft Starter output to reach full line voltage.

    GS12b ramp time: about 2 seconds



    Overall Length: 7 inches
    Overall Width: 3.25 inches
    Overall Height: 4.25 inches 
    Weight: 2.5lbs.


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