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Innoraymond GT23 Soft Starter up to 15 amps. Built for nearly all countries using 220-240 volt, 50Hz grid power. 2 second software controlled ramp time. Wall mountable.
GT23 Universal Soft Starter (10A max. Heavy duty)
GT23 Universal Soft Starter (10A max. Heavy duty)
GT23 Universal Soft Starter (10A max. Heavy duty)
GT23 Universal Soft Starter (10A max. Heavy duty)
GT23 Universal Soft Starter (10A max. Heavy duty)

GT23 Universal Soft Starter (10A max. Heavy duty)

Raymond Innovations, LLC

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  • Our soft starters are software-controlled using the latest technology.


    Adding a soft start function to your power tools, pumps, etc. has never been so simple, just plug it in! And the best part, it's so simple and versatile that you can soft start your other compatible equipment as well.  You can even leave multiple devices plugged into the soft starter at all times via a splitter or power strip. Just remember, only use one device at a time and make sure that the GT23 maximum current rating is not exceeded by your equipment. Onward!



    -This product is not intended to reduce overall current consumption.
    -This product model is not compatible with digital applications, air compressors, air conditioners, or dehumidifiers.

    Originally built for use with universal motor power tools, this soft starter has since evolved to provide you so much more with a wide-variety of applications:

    1.  Prolonging equipment life
    2.  Noise reduction
    3.  Preventing Brown outs and dimming lights
    4.  Preventing nuisance circuit breaker tripping
    5.  Increased comfort with jumpy power tools
    6.  Multi-level safety factor improvement
    7.  Electrical injury prevention
    8.  Electrical fire prevention

    (Some limitations apply)



    • Proudly built in rural America, this soft starter features:
    • Heavy duty extruded aluminum enclosure.
    • High strength plastic end caps.
    • Power cord spiral strain relief.
    • 14AWG conductors.
    • 2 second ramp time.
    • Software controlled ramp sequence with circuit bypass.
    • Over current protection.
    • Hassle free manufacturer LIFETIME WARRANTY
    • ul/cUL pending

    [Patent Pending]


    200-240 Volts AC, 50 Hz
    Maximum current: 15 Amps 
    Universal receptacle
    3 foot power cord
    Length: 6 inches

    Width:  4.25"
    Height: 3.25"
    Weight: 2.2lbs


    Compatible with low-inertia, mechanically switched 120v motor applications: 
    Universal AC Motors: All
    PSC Motors: All
    Sump pumps: Most
    Air Conditioners: None
    Refrigerators: Some (non-digital models only)
    Industrial sewing machine: Some (Consew)
    Submersible sump pump: Most
    Booster pump: Some
    Well pump: Most
    Rainman Watermaker: Most

    Application factors such as actual inverter ratings, starting current requirements, duration of starting current, etc. will affect the end result.
    The information in this list does not guarantee compatibility with your device. Any device not listed in this chart may not function with this soft starter. If unsure, please contact us before purchasing


      • Not recommended for induction motor with high inertia load.
      • Not compatible with air conditioners.
      • Do not use with a machine that already has a soft-start feature.
      • The theoretical ramp time of this soft starter is approximately 2 seconds.
      • Capacitor start induction motors must be at full speed within 3 seconds of being switched on.
      • If your induction motor takes longer than 3 seconds to reach full speed, discontinue use of Soft Starter immediately. 
      • For variable speed routers, see our C10 soft starter.


      • Indoor use only.
      • Insert appropriate end of the supplied power cord into the side of the soft starter. Plug the other end of the power cord into your power receptacle.
      • Plug your equipment in to the front outlet of the soft starter. 
      • Voila!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Steve, Shimoni, Kenya Coast

    Thanks for this. Just got it by airfreight from US to Kenya. When we’re on our small generator which is OFTEN! I haven’t been able to use various appliances cos of the vicious cut in amps which I always worried would damage the brushes sparking on the slip rings and subsequent potential damage from pitting, and the smaller genny cutting out cos the breaker can’t handle the grinder etc instantaneous start up amps. Anyway it works SO WELL! Many thanks Guys.

    Stefano Manini
    Great product

    I can finally use my electric chainsaw with my portable gas generator without overloading it with inrush current. Completely satisfied.

    Jostein Kjærås

    GT23 Universal Soft Starter (15A max. Heavy duty)

    Nigel Walsh
    GT-23 works off grid

    I am completely off grid and have a few heavy power tools that I run on my generator but I’d rather just use solar power and this soft starter allows me to do that. It does what it says on the tin... so buy one.

    I’d also add that Will at Raymond Innovations has customer service second to none, so helpful, so patient and went out of his way for me. I’m in New Zealand and was nervous if the product works and return hassles.... thank you Will, I enjoyed the whole experience and highly recommend you and the company.

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