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Innoraymond EZ240 voltage converter 120 to 240v. LED voltage readout, built-in wall mount, 15A fuse, open neutral.
EZ240, 120V to 240V Converter

EZ240, 120V to 240V Converter

Raymond Innovations, LLC

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Save yourself a costly electrician bill with this effective and simple voltage converter. 

  • Easily convert from 120V to 240V simply by plugging the EZ240 into two existing 120V outlets.
  • Features a front-facing, LED digital voltage readout for easy installation.
  • Built in wall-mount.
  • Extension cords may be required (and are not included). 

Supply your own 240V by simply plugging the EZ240 outlet into two existing 120V outlets in your home or workshop! The EZ240 features a front-facing, LED digital voltage readout for foolproof installation. Simply plug the two EZ240 inputs into two 120V outlets of opposing phases (see breaker panel diagram). When connected properly, the voltage indicator will display approximately 230-240 and you are all set!

Extension cords are likely required (not included). You must ensure that the integrity of your extension cords is adequate to meet the current demands of your power equipment.


  • See breaker panel diagram.
  • Refer to your electrical panel and locate 2 circuits that are on opposing phases.
  • Plug power cord 1 into a 120Vac outlet on phase A.
  • Plug power cord 2 into a 120Vac outlet on phase B.
  • Turn on the LED Voltage meter by pressing the ON/OFF button.
  • If there is no voltage reading displayed, repeat steps 1 through 4 using a different set of 120V outlets until LED voltage meter displays 220-240V.


  • Input: 120VAC (x 2)
  • Output: 220 - 240VAC (x 2)
  • Max Current: 15 Amps combined
  • Open Neutral
  • Phase loss protection
  • Length: 7 inches
  • Width: 4.25 inches
  • Weight: 2lb 

Useful for:

  • Job sites without 240V wiring.
  • Electric car charging.
  • Portable 240VAC.
  • Cost-effective 240V installation.
  • Temporary 240 volt outlets.
  • Much more!

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    EZ240, 120V to 240V Converter

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