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The DX4 BreakerSaver is Here!

Available for Pre-Order. We are now conducting field tests of the DX4 to make sure it can handle the abuse that we know you all will put it through.

- Is your breaker tripping because of multiple devices running simultaneously? Our patent-pending DX4 Breaker Saver is the answer!  Connect up to three devices to the proprietary, load-presence-controlled outlets of the DX4 and worry no more!


- Whether you are on a construction jobsite, on or off-grid, the DX4 is up to the task!


- Our exclusive design uses a software program to prohibit the output on 2 of 3 outlets while one is in use. Once the device in use shuts off, the next can turn on, and so on. 


- The fourth outlet is powered at all times for conveniently powering things like chargers, radios, fans, screw guns, etc..


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