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Safer with a Soft Starter

How, exactly? I'm glad that you asked! 

Our soft starters have revolutionized workshop and job-site safety in ways never available before. Lets take a look at some of the ways that Innoraymond products are making occupational and hobby work places safer than ever before.

Many corded power tools are notorious for their violent, jolting response to the nearly instantaneous power "surge" (40-70 amps) which happens each and every time the power is switched on. This behavior can produce detrimental results, not only to the components of the tool itself (switch contact pitting, excessive brush wear, mechanical stress), but also to the safety of the operator and others in the vicinity. From flying projectiles like shattered cutting discs, loose or fatigued hardware, and material shards, to accidental drops, falls, lacerations, etc., there are many ways that the "jackrabbit" start of a power tool can cause injury.

Additionally, and even more significantly in terms of safety, is the reduced risk of electrical fire, injury, or even fatality from any wiring or components at any point connected to the output of the Soft Starter. Let me explain; Most Innoraymond Soft Starters are essentially a 2 second voltage ramping device. They feature a low standby voltage output that results in only a tingling sensation when in contact with human skin. The electrical resistance of human skin is generally too high to trigger the Soft Starter ramp sequence, therefore leaving a reduced voltage level and regulated current level, reducing the risk of electrical injury profoundly. Moreover, arc potential and intensity are greatly decreased during a short circuit or broken wire condition, significantly reducing the risk of electrical fire.

A study by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) on occupational, electrical fatalities and injuries from 1992-2009 indicates that contact with electrical current of machines, tools, appliances, or light fixtures is the second leading cause of electrical fatalities in the utility industry with an average of 47.8 fatalities per year. Also, contact with electrical current of machines, tools, appliances, or light fixtures is the leading cause of electrical injuries requiring time away from work with an average of 1,283.6 injuries per year, and the median number of days away from work being 3.57.

More information on the ESFI injury and fatality statistics report can be found here-

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