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Portable Generators and Soft Starters

Many of us are aware that running power-demanding equipment from a portable generator can easily cause "overload protection grief," or O.P.G., if the generator is not of a sufficient output rating.

Typically, in this case, sufficient size actually means OVER-sized because it takes an over-sized generator to handle the current inrush associated with most high-power tools and equipment. For example, why the heck can't i operate my 1800 Watt saw from a 2000 Watt generator? It's the initial inrush and current surge that easily exceeds this 2000W output 4-5 times exceeds!  This also applies to typical residential wiring where even a 13Amp saw motor will trip a 15A circuit breaker every time.

How do we combat this? 1.) Buy a larger, heavier, more expensive portable generator that consumes more fuel, or  2.)  Reduce and control the inrush/surge current at levels that are manageable by smaller, more efficient generators, by installing an Aftermarket Soft Starter.  At least we have options now...

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