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Official Product Release! - GS11 Soft Starter (120V, 20A max.)

Announcing the official release of the GS11 - 120V, 20 Amp Soft Starter!

The GS11 has the same operating principal as the GS10, but it is capable of handling up to 20 Amps.


  • Hi Daniel,
    A Soft Starter for your AC unit will require a hard-wired installation to the compressor only, so this particular model is not compatible. We are currently working on the solution to this with a product model that is built for invasive installation, and features a smaller enclosure that is better suited for mounting within the air conditioning unit itself. Stay Tuned! We are hopeful that this model will be available this Spring. Thanks-Will

  • I own a 2000w inverter generator, my dilemma is that I am attempting to run a 10,000 btu window type a/c (fridigidaire) and it will only occasionally start the compressor in “eco”, requiring me to run in out of eco (economy mode) which consumes fuel at an unnecessary rate. Once the compressor has started and is no longer in inrush current, it idles down and runs fine in eco mode. I believe the issue is that the built in protection circuitry shuts down the A/C before the generator can “throttle up” to carry the inrush current load. In saying so, it would seem just a slight amount of additional current push would start the airconditioner without an issue. I am very mindful of my utilization of the generators capacity and am quite certain that this generator can safely meet my power supply need as it is only being used to operate the a/c and two LED light fixtures. Would this device solve this issue? As mentioned, the generator does actually start the a/c from time to time in eco mode, so it would seem that it would not take much more to help it through the inrush load, and get the compressor running. I believe the running amperage is somewhere in the 6-8 amp range while starting could potentially spike at 20-25amps briefly… Any advice would be greatly appreciated! It seems this is a very common issue for people that own campers and such, so solving this issue would sell these thigs like hot cakes!

    Daniel Autin

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