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Official Product Release! - GS11 Soft Starter (120V, 20A max.)

Announcing the official release of the GS11 - 120V, 20 Amp Soft Starter!

The GS11 has the same operating principal as the GS10, but it is capable of handling up to 20 Amps.


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  • Привет

  • Hope you guys are serious about a soft start device for AC motor garage door openers. Look forward to hearing more about this in your development programs. Thanks.

  • Could I use this for a Rainman watermaker on my boat? Now the watermaker is run by a Honda 2000W generator, but I want to sue your 20A softstarter to go via my inverter charger Magnum PureSine 3012MSH3012M inverter.
    If this is not good, do you have another option for me?

    bogdan steiu
  • Hi Daniel,
    A Soft Starter for your AC unit will require a hard-wired installation to the compressor only, so this particular model is not compatible. We are currently working on the solution to this with a product model that is built for invasive installation, and features a smaller enclosure that is better suited for mounting within the air conditioning unit itself. Stay Tuned! We are hopeful that this model will be available this Spring. Thanks-Will


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