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Official Product Release! - GT23 Soft Starter! (Non-North American Customers)

It's finally here! The model GT23 Soft Starter built for 230V, 50Hz with a 15 Amp maximum current rating.

The following international power cord types are available. Please specify the plug type required for your location.

Power cord plug types


  • Hi,
    I am located in mumbai,India,
    I want to run a 3 door refrigerator on 1 kV generator which is 750 to 800 w constent.all other equipment on the truck goes around 360w. the refrigerator requires less then 200w highest for normal running of compressor but the inrush current is much higher then 1000w which makes generator to trip.can this product solve my problem?

    Hiten Gala
  • Hi
    I would like to purchase a GT23 soft starter for my mitre saw. I live in the United Kingdom so the
    relevant power cord would be image G as per your selection examples.
    could you tell me how much it would cost to buy and ship.

    glen walker
  • I purchased a GS11 and need a standard 120V US three prong plug power cord. Where can I get one?

    ronald kawata

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