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Coming Soon! Make your own 240V outlet with the EZ240 converter!

Nearing completion is an all new converter from INNORAYMOND that gives you a 240V outlet receptacle from simply plugging into 2 existing 120V outlets!

Most residential wiring consists of roughly half the existing power outlets being fed 120V from phase A, and the other half being fed 120V from phase B. With the EZ240, simply plug input 1 into an outlet from phase A, and plug input 2 into an outlet from phase B, and Voila! You have 220-240V!  Both 20amp and 30amp models will be available.

The EZ240 features a front facing digital LED voltage readout for foolproof installation. User supplied extension cords will likely be required. You must ensure the integrity and current handling capabilities of your extension cords. Stay tuned or subscribe for the official product release announcement! 



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