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Air Conditioner Soft Starter is in the Works!

We are nearing the testing phase for our all new soft starter models designed specifically for plug-in air conditioner applications. These models are the GR7, GR10, and GR15 that are for 5k, 10k, and 15k btu AC units. They have been engineered to provide inrush current suppression to the AC compressor only, and will significantly reduce the current surge each time the compressor kicks on. See this image for a typical inrush current amount from a small 6.3kbtu window A/C unit. 28Amps is too much for many supplies, lets bring that number down. Test results to follow.


  • Also looking to run one or two 5k-8k btu window acs in my camper. Any update on this product? Or can I just hardwire a rooftop softstart between my cord/plug and ac?

    Kurt Adams
  • Is there any update on this product? I am running a small 5,000 BTU window air conditioner in a camper and am very interested in the soft starter. Thanks.

    Gareth Trollope
  • Do you make an online 30amp soft start for RV/Marine use??

    Jeffrey Cudd

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