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A10 power tool soft starter life saver

A10 (Discontinued)

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The A10 has been replaced by the model C10.


Recommended for lower duty cycle applications with 10-15Amp, 120VAC Motors.

Rugged and durable construction.

14AWG conducting wires.

Silicone rubber end caps.

Grounded aluminum body for safety and short-circuit protection.

Built in the U.S.A.!



Voltage:110-120 Volts AC

Maximum steady state current: 15A

Ambient operating temperature: 50° - 110°F

Maximum product external temperature: 204°F

Maximum (Full Inrush Suppression) Duty Cycle: 7 Starts per Hour (room temperature with no auxiliary cooling fan)



This product can reach temperatures exceeding 200ºF.

     1. Do not touch the aluminum body of the Soft-Starter

     2. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

     3. Keep this product away from heat sensitive objects.

     4. Do not use a power splitter of any kind.

     5. Do not operate at ambient temperatures below 50ºF.



     1. Plug the Soft-Starter into the power receptacle.

     2. Plug your appliance into the Soft-Starter.

     3. Make sure the Soft-Starter is at least 12 inches away from heat sensitive objects.

     4. Indoor use only.



Ramp time is the length of time required for the motor to go from OFF to full speed. Ramp times will vary based on conditions such as: ambient temperatures, equipment construction, and the state of recovery from the previous use.


Approximate ramp time @ 32°F:  2.5s

Approximate ramp time @ 70°F:  1.6s



The recovery time is the amount of time required for the Soft-Starter to return to its normal state after use. Full recovery times can vary from 30 seconds to 40 minutes depending on:  applied load, duration of applied load, ambient temperature, air movement around the Soft-Starter, etc. A fan blowing on the soft starter will significantly speed up recovery times. 



Overall Length: 16.5 inches
Overall Width: 2 inches

Weight: 13.4 ounces



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    My Makita 2705 likes the A10

    Just had the first day in the garage to use my table saw and the new A10. Worked perfectly. In fact the nicely slow start-up was great. Like a completely different saw and a perfect match with the saw's turn-off brake.

    Great Stuff

    Hey guys just want to say thank you, this is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Simple convenient and just all around awesome!

    great little device!

    It works perfectly and the saw feels much safer to work with. You will not be disappointed!!

    Use on Miter saw

    I bought the 1 X 10A for use on my miter saw. Seems to create soft start on first start, but has limited, if any, effect on further starts. Kinda disappointed with the unit. What am I doing wrong? The saw is a DeWalt 15 amp 10" single bevel. This unit is a replacement for the recalled model.

    Pleased with this product.

    Works as intended. Having soft start on miter saw is nice.