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Q & A

What is a Soft Starter?

"A soft starter is a solid-state device that protects AC electric motors from damage caused by sudden influxes of power by limiting the large initial inrush of current associated with motor startup. They provide a gentle ramp up to full speed and are used only at startup." - element14 community


How does it work?

- The Soft Starter works by regulating the amount of electrical current allowed to pass to your device.  The result is a more gradual ramp to full rpm.


Is this safe?

- Safety is a top priority at Raymond Innovations. When used as directed, our soft starters are extremely safe. The aluminum bodies of our products are individually tested and approved for proper ground continuity. The core components we use are UL listed and meet the stringent non-burning requirements of UL 94 V-0.



Is my equipment compatible?

There are two types of electric motors that power almost all of the machinery in a home workshop: induction motors and universal motors.  Generally, our Soft Starters are compatible with both, but you may notice a difference in startup behavior depending on your motor. 


 With a capacitor start induction motor you must ensure that the motor is at full operating speed within 3 seconds after being switched on. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to reach full speed, the life expectancy of the start capacitor can be reduced.

If you are not confident identifying the motor on your equipment, please contact us before purchasing a Soft-Starter.