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C10 (15A max. Fan cooled. Medium duty)
C10 (15A max. Fan cooled. Medium duty)
C10 (15A max. Fan cooled. Medium duty)
C10 (15A max. Fan cooled. Medium duty)
C10 (15A max. Fan cooled. Medium duty)

C10 (15A max. Fan cooled. Medium duty)

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  • Recommended for medium duty cycle applications with 120VAC, 10-15Amp Motors.
  • Proudly built in the U.S.A..
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum enclosure.
  • Injection molded, reinforced plastic end caps.
  • Make your equipment last.

  • Reduce mechanical stress.
  • Increase safety.
  • Add the high end soft start feature.
  • Stop nuisance breaker tripping.
  • ​Stop dimming lights.
  • ​Take the "bang" out of your tools.
  • ​​Up to 85% reduction of damaging inrush current.
  • Reduce generator size.

[Patent Pending]


    Voltage: 120 Volts AC

    Maximum current: 15A

    Ambient operating temperatures: 40° - 95°F

    Maximum (Full Soft Start) Duty Cycle: 20 Starts per Hour 

    Resistance based operation. Temperature activated axial cooling fan for improved recovery times.


    1. Do not operate in environmental temperatures below 40°F.
    2. Theoretical ramp times for the C10 can vary from 0-3 seconds.
    3. Capacitor start induction motors must be at full speed within 3 seconds of being switched on.
    4. If your capacitor start induction motor takes longer than 3 seconds to reach full speed, discontinue use of Soft Starter immediately. 


    1. Indoor use only.
    2. Insert appropriate end of supplied power cord into side receptacle of Soft Starter. Plug the other end of power cord into your supply power outlet.
    3. Plug your equipment into the front outlet of the Soft Starter.
    4. Clean bottom fan filter as needed.


      1. Mount vertically with the fan filter at the bottom to help reduce dust infiltration. Mount using screws, bolts, or zip ties.
      2. To access lower mounting holes; using a knife blade, gently slide the blade underneath edge of fan grille and twist.


      Ramp time is the length of time required for the motor to go from OFF to full speed. Ramp times will vary based on conditions such as: ambient temperatures, equipment construction, and the state of recovery from the previous use.

       Approximate ramp time @ 40°F:  2.5s

      Approximate ramp time @ 75°F:  1.6s


      The recovery time is the length of time required for the Soft-Starter to return to its normal state after use. Full recovery times can vary from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on:  applied load, duration of applied load, ambient temperature, etc. Under normal conditions an active cooling fan indicates that the Soft Starter has not fully recovered and may not be ready to fully suppress the next inrush.


      Length: 6.25 inches 
      Width: 4.25 inches
      Height: 3.25 inches
      Weight: 1.5lbs


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        fan cooled c10 works well...

        no issues, works well, though I run it for only thirty seconds max so far with a worm-drive saw to reduce kick for finishing cuts. UPC billed me $36 in various fees for shipping into Canada, though. Ouch.


        Agree with Alvin Berndt; no more bang! Use the C10 with a table saw and a miter saw. Suspect I've come close to 20 starts per hour but wish now I had purchased the GS10 for unlimited starts.

        No more banging

        Haven't used it a whole lot, but seems to be all that it is advertised. My tablesaw doesn't start with a bang anymore--sure is nice!! The only down side is when the fan kicks on, my shop radio goes nuts with static.