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Get Some Help With Your Honey-Do List With a Soft Starter

The uncertainty of these times has left many things in life up in the air, but there are some things you can always count on. While you are at home for an extended period of time, you can always rely on your spouse to have a long to-do list for you. We can’t blame them; after all, you’re in your home all the time right now, so why not invest in some home improvement?

If your honey-do list is going to require the use of any power tools, it’s more important than ever to invest in a soft starter. After all, the last thing you want to deal with during quarantine is tripping a breaker and hearing your family going crazy without the internet (or lights, but the internet is more important right now). Plus if you have a lot of projects on your plate, you want to make sure that you are keeping your energy bills down, or as much as you can with the kids blasting the TV all day. 

Here are some projects that may be on your list that could really use a soft starter: 

A New Playset for the Kids

With playgrounds on the list of germ-infested places you don’t want to be, your honey may want you to build a playset for the backyard so your children can be active and burn off some of their excess energy (God willing). Your miter saw is going to be your best friend for this process, and without a soft starter, that’s going to be tough on your hands and your utility bill. Play it safe by investing in a single phase soft starter before you take on this project.

A Garden Box for Vegetables

Because we aren’t going to the grocery store as frequently, fresh produce is in short supply for some. This may have inspired your honey to start a home garden! Well, inspired them to inspire you to start a home garden. For that, you will need to build a sturdy garden box. You can use a miter saw or a circular saw for this project, just make sure it’s hooked up to your soft starter so you’re not making the lights flicker when your spouse is trying to teach the kids fractions.

A New Deck

Listen, we’re all getting stir crazy now. Why not take on a big project that will get you outside while we wait for the pandemic to subside? It’s more productive than sitting on the couch and watching Netflix while your spouse drops not-so-subtle hints about wanting to add value to your home. This major undertaking is one that will need a soft starter for sure, as you will need to use a variety of your favorite power tools. 

Regardless of what’s on your honey-do list, we hope our single phase soft starter will help.Shop Innoraymond for the best soft starter on the market!

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